10 things to do in Linz!
10 things you must have seen in Linz!

Our team has put together this "to do highlights" card for you. Embark on a journey of discovery through Linz and experience a modern and cosmopolitan city that impresses with diversity, design and creativity.


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Our starting point is the Hotel am Domplatz. From here we start a tour through the whole of Linz:

Stop 1: Mariendom

Directly in front of the Hotel am Domplatz is the 134 meter high Mariendom, which was opened in the neo-Gothic style in the middle of downtown Linz in 1924.

Stop 2: Country house

Via the Herrenstraße and the promenade one reached the country house, which today serves as the seat of the state parliament.

Stop 3: Mozart house

The Renaissance-style Mozarthaus, in which Mozart composed the famous "Linzer Symphony" in just three days in 1783, is right nearby.

Stop 4: Martin's Church

It continues up to the Römerberg, where the oldest church in Austria is located. The first documented mention dates back to the year 799.

Stop 5: Castle Museum

The Castle Museum is also enthroned high up, just a few minutes' walk from St. Martin's Church. From there, you can enjoy a unique view over the whole of Linz.

Stop 6: Main square

Going down the hill again and through the old town again, we come directly to the main square with the Trinity Column. Every Tuesday and Friday you can get seasonal food from the region directly from our local farmers.

Stop 7: Ars Electronica

This tip takes us across the Danube to Urfahr. The "Museum of the Future" offers an innovative technology exhibition.

Stop 8: Donaulände

Back on the Linz side of the Danube we are directly in front of the Lentos Art Museum on the left. The art museum opens the Donaulände, on which the Brucknerhaus is also located and the Bruckner Klangwolke takes place every year.

Stop 9: Country road

Now it goes behind the old cathedral also known as "Ignatiuskirche" in baroque style, on to Taubenmarkt, which opens the country road. Always straight ahead! We are on Linz's shopping street with countless shops. After 15 minutes we reach our last destination.

Stop 10: Music Theater

The Linz Music Theater is a music and opera house and was only recently opened in 2013. Through the Volksgarten and straight ahead you can get back to us after just 10 minutes on foot.

The tour ends back at the Hotel am Domplatz.